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Obagi ELASTIderm
Whats in ELASTIderm?

Formulated with clinically proven ingredients ELASTIderm® Products help to reduce the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles around the eyes, improve the feeling of elasticity and firmness and help promote smoother tighter looking skin.

ELASTIderm® Products from Obagi Medical are a one of a kind treatment. By using a revolutionary Bi-Mineral Contour Complex, an advanced ingredient technology, that harnesses two minerals, zinc and copper, with malonate. It is specifically designed to initiate and promote the three necessary stages of developing healthy elastin.


ELASTIderm® Eye Products are available in a Cream, Gel or Serum formulation. The addition of Caffeine in the ELASTIderm® Complete Complex Serum helps to minimise under-eye puffiness.

NEW ELASTIderm® Facial Serum also uses the patented Bi-Mineral Contour Complex™ which helps support skin elasticity so it can bounce back from the signs of ageing, resulting in firmer-looking, more resilient skin.

ELASTIderm isn’t just another eye cream. It really works to reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles and bring back the SNAP.

  • Bi-mineral Complex: Includes zinc and copper to help restore elasticity and build collagen

  • Malonic Acid: In a patent-pending Obagi formulation that helps stimulate the production of skin cells

  • Blueberry Extract: Provides antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals which deprive skin of its youthful glow

  • Penetrating Therapeutics: An Obagi technology that helps drive the ingredients deep into the skin where it can get to work

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