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Misshapen Nose
Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Noses come in  different shapes and sizes. If your bone structure, cartilage or skin tissues are misaligned, it can make the nose look crooked or misshaped. This may be your own genetic make up, from sports injuries or infections. Some patients would simply like more definition to their nose, or to change the shape. 

A non surgical rhinoplasty known as a liquid nose job is a non invasive, non surgical alternative to nasal surgery. Results are quick, instant, requires no down time and can last 12-18 months. We use dermal filler injections with a precise technique, injecting small amounts of filler to change the shape or straighten the nose. 

What can Non-surgical Rhinoplasty achieve?

  • Can make the tip more prominent

  • Can lift the tip

  • Correct a dorsal hump 

  • Can build up a nasal bridge

  • Can straighten a hooked nose

  • Can striaghten a crooked nose 

  • Can add volume and symmetry

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