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Loss of Volume in Cheeks
Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
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Over time the cheeks lose their natural volume and begin to sag. Reduced facial fullness is a natural part of ageing. Fat pads begin to redistribute and facial bones lose volume. Skin loses its elasticity and as a result of these factors collectively, we end up with a droopy face with hollowing. Essentially, we end up with more skin than our face can support. 

Injecting Dermal Filler in and around the cheeks can correct volume loss, add contour to the mid face and can lift the face. 

Cheek filler can also be a great way to enhance the cheeks. Enhancing cheeks can bring the face closer to the inverted triangle shape which is widely considered attractive. Cheek fillers can also reduce or remove the prominence of naso labial folds.


The procedure involves studying the face and its anatomy and diagnosing where filler can be used to replace volume and enhance the cheeks. The filler is inserted via cannula. The procedure has limited downtime with a possibility of bruising which resolves naturally in up to a week. Results last up to 2 years. 

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