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Tear Trough Deformity
Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

A tear trough deformity is present around the middle part of the lower eyelid (near the nose) where the overlying skin thins with age and the underlying muscle and lower eyelid fat bags become more prominent. Up to recently surgery was the only treatment option to correct a tear trough deformity, but the introduction of dermal filler has made it possible for the deformity to be corrected. 

This condition can happen at different ages as a result of skin and muscle tissue laxity. For some the skin under the eyes can age prematurely due to lifestyle. For others it is caused by simply ageing and loss of volume in this area which makes the tear trough appear deeper and darker when dark circles are present. 

Dermal fillers work incredibly well in certain patients to help restore lost volume. The filler builds up the area of hollowing and brings the skin into the light to stop the shadow formation. 

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